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The beautiful coastal town of Mossel Bay, South Africa. Host to the exciting Indian ocean, which ever changing waters are nutrient rich and abundant to a different variety of aquatic creatures.

Cheeky seals, dolphins of the boat and home to the largest family of great whites. For more info on that check out the oceans research webpage.

Ten years ago I first did my dive course in this town with Electrodive, owned by Ken Walmsley, who run a tight yet effective ship. After the first course I pushed all the way up to dive instructor with NAUI and the life style took hold.

After four brilliant years and a volume of experience I sprang the coop. Coral Divers was the next location, but just to get my PADI Instructor certification, and to get the bite for the beauty that is the coral seas! I had to be somewhere like this, but somewhere far away!

After many emails I was on my way to Malaysia to help out a friend with diving on a resort on Pulau Sibu, Peninsular Malaysia. Three years on a tropical island is not a bad gig, especially with vibrancy of marine life. And the wonderful water temperature of 31°C.

But now back… for a little bit.

Here is a video of a new dive buddy, Chris on his very first ocean dive. Enjoy